MembersIsrael Gears up For Spring Election

As Israel’s Left and Right further splinter, everyone seems to be focused on one goal: unseat Netanyahu

| Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu, Election
Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The premature end of Israel’s 35th government was written on the wall from the get-go. When Benny Gantz joined Netanyahu’s government his voters were so angered that of the three parties that made up Gantz’s large “Blue and White” alliance, only one joined the so-called “parity government” headed by Bibi.

According to the original deal, Gantz was to serve as prime minister from November 2021, even with his remaining remnant of 15 Knesset seats against Likud’s 32. Given that polls are showing Gantz in free fall, now down to just 5 mandates, his chances of becoming prime minister are a non-stater, and Israel is once again forced to go through another election in hopes that this time one party will come out with a big enough majority to form a stable coalition.

The problem with the old party system, however, is that neither side of the political divide can gain enough seats to form a decisive Left- or Right-wing government. To try and overcome this problem, parties are forming blocs, and this gives the Left a better chance of winning...

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