MembersIsrael Reminds Us All to Continue Reaching Beyond

Israel didn’t successfully land on the moon, but amid the current political turmoil, SpaceIL might have achieved something even greater

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Israel to the Moon
All of Israel watched excitedly as the Jewish state reached for the stars. Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

For a brief moment, the earth and all its petty squabbles was far away. A group of enterprising Israelis had reminded us that there is so much more to reach for. And then, just like that, it was over, and the headlines lamenting the lunar landing craft Beresheet’s failed attempt to touch down on the moon were quickly replaced by news that Israel’s Central Election Committee had suffered a malfunction of its own, and that a vote recount had slightly altered the makeup of the 21st Knesset. Accusations were made, mud was slung, and in the end, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud gained a seat, the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism faction lost a seat, and the much-touted New Right party was still sitting on the sidelines.

But outside of the politicians themselves, who cares? Israel came just 150 meters from successfully landing on the moon, and on a shoestring budget! Nor was this an official government initiative, like the moon landings conducted by the US, Russia and China had been. No, in Israel’s case it was just...

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