Members“We are not with the enemy. We are the enemy”

Will Israel address the very real threat of civil war before it’s too late?

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Israel is inching dangerously close to civil war.
Photo: Flash90

Is civil war in Israel a genuine threat? The case of an avowed Israeli anarchist who has unabashedly chosen to side with the nation’s enemies might hold the answer.

Jonathan Pollak said in 2008, “We are not with the enemy. We are the enemy.” While that wasn’t enough to get him arrested at the time, police did take Pollak into custody on Monday after he evaded an arrest warrant for more than a week.

Not an abberation

One might be tempted to think that Pollak is a fringe radical, a pariah to whom no one listens. But no. Until his arrest, he worked as a digital designer for the mainstream Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz. And on the day he was put in cuffs, that same newspaper published a column in which Pollak called on like-minded Israelis to join the Palestinian violence against his own countrymen. 

Among other things, he wrote that “in order to bring change, Jews ought to give up their desire to lead the fight. Instead, support...

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