Israelis Divided on Vaccinating Children

As government pushes inoculation of kids aged 5-11 against COVID-19, less than half of parents agree

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Coronavirus, Vaccine
Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

Israel has yet to experience a major wave of Omicron-fueled coronavirus infections, but the numbers did go up slightly as children returned to school this week following the Hanukkah vacation.

Government officials now insist that vaccinating children aged 5-11 is the key to preventing another wave of infections, but most parents don’t seem comfortable with that approach.

A survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 56% of Israelis are in favor of vaccinating young children, while just 33% oppose.

But those numbers don’t paint a complete picture.

  • Among respondents aged 25-34, just 46% support vaccinating young children.
  • Among respondents aged 35-44, just 47% support doing so.

Those are the two age groups that are likely to actually have children aged 5-11.

Most of the respondents supporting the vaccination of young children were older than 55, and therefore unlikely to actually be parents to kids in that age range.

Israeli children have been contracting and spreading COVID-19 in schools leading last month to a brief return to distance learning for many. However, the cases of children becoming severely ill with the virus have been very few and far between, resulting in most parents just not seeing the urgency of vaccination.

On top of that, a number of parents that Israel Today spoke with remain uncomfortable with jabbing their own children with a vaccine that hasn’t been fully and rigorously tested, regardless of what Pfizer or the FDA have to say on the matter.

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