Must We Walk With, or Before God? Shutterstock

Must We Walk With, or Before God?

Are there different ways to relate to God? And if so, which is right for us?


Have you ever asked yourself how you walk with God? Together, beside one other, one behind the other, or separately? What does it mean when people say: “God is with me. God is with you. God is in me.” In the Bible we can examine the lives of two key figures that we know to have walked with God, namely Noah and Abraham.

What does it mean to have a leading role and to walk in it with or before God? Both men were blessed with many descendants, and God made with both a covenant that was sealed by a physical sign: Noah with the rainbow, and Abraham with the act of circumcision. One difference between Noah and Abraham is that Noah symbolizes a universal figure, an “every man,” whereas Abraham symbolizes faith in service to a grand mission. Abraham is the father of many nations with a national dimension, for to his seed God later gave Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel). God chose Abraham as the father and first national leader of Israel, whereas Noah cannot be counted…