The tables have been turned on Netanyahu Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Netanyahu’s Own Games are Being Played Against Him

What is happening in the country now, regardless of which political side you are on, is basically thanks to the godfather Benjamin Netanyahu


With all due respect, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to blame for the impossible political situation in the country. And by that I mean that an almost impracticable government coalition has come about. That is the result of political developments in recent years.

Although Netanyahu’s Likud and its natural right-wing allies technically always had a majority in the Israeli parliament, his ruling coalition was never stable. This is the fourth time that he has failed to form a coalition (he did form one after the third election last year, but it didn’t last long). His opponents took advantage of that. That is called democracy.

Of course, Naftali Bennett can now be accused of breaking his election promises. He had assured voters that he would not enter into a political covenant with Yesh Atid and Yair Lapid. But the political rules of the game have been changed by Netanyahu over the years, so it’s no surprise that Bennett is now playing by them, too. However, not entirely without consequence, as at the moment Bennett and his party...


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