Yair Netanyahu Gili Yaari/Flash90

Netanyahu’s Son and Israel’s Out-of-Control Legal System

“For a long time already Israel has not been a democratic state! There is one law for the Right and another for the Left”


A couple of weeks ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s eldest son, Yair, called on his father’s supporters to demonstrate in front of the houses of those people who are every weekend demonstrating at the Prime Minister’s Residence. He was subsequently summoned to court over complaints of “harassment.”

The complaint against the young Netanyahu was filed by Yishai Hadas, Haim Shadmi and Gonnen Ben Itzhak, founders of the NGO New Contract, which is behind the “Crime Minister” campaigns that include protests against the prime minister outside his home in Jerusalem.

To put things in perspectives, during a demonstration back in May, Shadmi took a megaphone and implicitly threatened the life of Yair Netanyahu. “Yair,” he said, “remember our promises … one day you will be without secret service guards, and who knows what will happen then.” Netanyahu filed a complaint, Shadmi was investigated by the police, and that was the end of it. Threats on Yair Netanyahu’s life became a trendy thing, yet to date police have taken…