MembersResponse to Messianic Claims That the Corona Vaccine is a Plot of Satan

by Avner Boskey

Is the “Green Passport” a devilish plot to destroy Israel? A respected Messianic leader responds

| Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS, Coronavirus, Vaccine
A vial of COVID vaccine. Is it all an evil plot?
Photo: Flash90

EDITOR’S NOTE: Observers around the world have been warning that Israel’s rapid vaccination program is a diabolical scheme by hidden evil forces. In particular, the “Green Passport” is panned as an effort to divide and destroy the Jewish people on par with the Nazi Holocaust. Quite a few of our readers have written and called to inquire of us regarding these claims, especially after they began emanating from local believers in Israel. Avner Boskey, a respected Messianic elder in the country, shares his opinion here.

There is a traditional Yiddish proverb, “Two Jews, three opinions.” We Jewish people are known for the richness of our expressions, in matters religious, literary and philosophical. That’s the positive side of the equation. The other side of this dynamic is crystallized in former Israeli PM Golda Meir’s witty response to American President Nixon, who asked her, “Madame Prime Minister, do you appreciate what it is to be the president of 250 million people?” She replied: “Mr. President, do you appreciate what it is to be the Prime Minister of five...

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