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Why do we look at the biblical miracles as supernatural events yet overlook the miracles before our very eyes?

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Photo: Yaniv Nadav/Flash90

Can we compare “signs and wonders” in the politics of today with God’s “signs and wonders” in the Bible? On the Channel 20 TV, which tends to be more right-wing, they described recently how Israel’s resurrection in 1948 was even more dramatic than the Hanukkah miracle at the time of the Second Temple. Other rabbis have emphasized that Israel’s latest exodus into the Holy Land was more impressive than the biblical exodus from Egypt. At that time, the children of Israel were fleeing straight across the desert. On the banks of the Red Sea the Egyptian forces had almost caught up with the people. God intervened. The Red Sea divided; the Israelites crossed to the opposite bank on dry ground. The Egyptian army drowned in the rising tides.

How many supernatural testimonies have we heard from Holocaust survivors and Jews who came from Arab countries. Those who maintain that the return of the Jews and the founding of the State of Israel were political coincidences are those who also regard the biblical Exodus as nothing more than a fairytale....

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