Snow Blindness and Frozen Fingers

This is a call for prayers for the safety and health of Israeli mountaineer Danielle Wolfson.

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Nature
Mount Makalu looks terrifying. Photo from Wikipedia
Mount Makalu looks terrifying. Photo from Wikipedia

Some time ago we published an extensive article about Danielle Wolfson, the first Israeli woman to climb Mount Everest. Danielle has made it her goal to climb the 14 highest mountain peaks in the world. And since climbing Everest she has conquered mountain after mountain.

Last week she was climbing Mount Makalu, which is 8,462 meters (27,762 feet) above sea level. She was only 120 meters from the top, when in one moment the weather turned. Danielle together with a Nepalese mountaineer found themselves in a life-threatening situation. And the mission changed from conquering the summit – to surviving and getting home alive!

They activated the distress signal on the satellite device provided by the Israeli rescue company Magnus, but helicopters could not reach such an altitude. They realized they had to move down the mountain on their own. Their water had frozen. They had no tent and no more oxygen, and their lives were in immediate danger. Danielle had a hard time finding the safety rope, which was covered with a layer of ice. Rescuers began to climb toward them.

Danielle Wolfson

In the satellite communication correspondence between Danielle and the rescue company, she described in short sentences the harsh weather and her physical condition. She begged that they reach her as soon as possible. The rescue company, for their part, constantly sent messages of encouragement.

Danielle and the Nepali climber managed with supreme efforts to descend to Camp 3, which is at an altitude of 7,600 meters (24,934 feet) above sea level. This was a critical point because there it was possible to breathe without oxygen tanks. There, under extremely difficult conditions, near cliffs and ice crevasses, they met the members of the rescue mission. They spent the night there. Danielle was exhausted. She received instructions remotely from a doctor who told her how to maintain her body temperature.

Danielle is now suffering from blindness in one eye, apparently snow blindness; and three fingers were damaged with frostbite.

By the morning’s first light, the group went down to Camp 2. There Danielle received initial medical treatment before continuing to Base Camp, from which she was airlifted to the city of Katmandu.

Danielle, whom I know personally, wrote this morning:

“Thank you very much for your concern, I feel good. My condition is improving. The physical damage is minimal. Within a few days I will be back in Israel.”

Please pray with us for Danielle’s health in body and soul.


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