Tachles with Aviel – “I’d rather go blind”

A classic blues tune about the even more classic hatred of Israel. The world would rather be blind than see the truth in Gaza.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
Hamas leaders Ismail Haniya and Yahya Sinwar before October 7th. Today one is hiding deep underground, the other is enjoying the good life in Qatar. Photo: Hassan Jedi/Flash90
Hamas leaders Ismail Haniya and Yahya Sinwar before October 7th. Today one is hiding deep underground, the other is enjoying the good life in Qatar. Photo: Hassan Jedi/Flash90

“I’d Rather Go Blind” is an old blues song by Etta James from the 60s. She would rather be blind than see her lover with someone else. So it is with the vast majority of the world public, who would rather be blind than see the sins of the Palestinians. The world is so in love with the Palestinians that it cannot and will not see the truth about Israel. Because then she would probably feel betrayed by the Palestinians.

But the Palestinian civilian population has had enough, and these days the voices against Hamas are becoming louder and louder. The longer the war in the Gaza Strip lasts, the more protest against Hamas. Although much of the anger in Gaza is directed against Israel, many Palestinians in Gaza are not fooled by Hamas’s propaganda and are beginning to blame the terror regime for provoking the war. In recent weeks, there have been repeated video clips in which Palestinians publicly curse Hamas in front of cameras and call on Israeli soldiers not to leave the Gaza Strip. No one denies that the Palestinian civilian population is suffering, but they are suffering not because of Israel, as Hamas, Western governments, the UN and the International Court of Justice in The Hague like to portray, but because of their own sick leadership.

Incidentally, it became known yesterday that the great-niece of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh (62) is being treated at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. Haniyeh has several sisters who live in Israel in the south of the country. One of their daughters gave birth to a premature baby in the last few days, and the child is receiving life-saving treatment from a team of Israeli doctors in the intensive care unit. A senior official in Soroka told the media that they were a Bedouin family from Tel Sheva with a blue ID card, meaning they were Israeli citizens. Haniyeh is considered one of the richest Palestinians with an estimated fortune in the billions of dollars, and currently lives in Doha. He is married and has 13 children. He has two brothers and eight sisters, three of whom are married to Israeli Bedouins, have Israeli citizenship and live in Tel Sheva. This alone shows the whole difference between Israeli humanity and Palestinian cruelty. As Ismail Haniyeh holds 136 Israeli hostages and celebrates the October 7 massacre, Israeli doctors save his sister’s grandchild.

Even if the world public does not want to see the truth, it is expressed in numerous clips and videos by Palestinians. The only question is whether you want to believe them or not. In a clip from December 6, an elderly Palestinian woman angrily tells a journalist from the Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera that the people of Gaza are starving. When the reporter replies that this is because aid is not arriving, the woman cheekily replies that “everything goes into the tunnels underground…. Hamas takes everything into their homes.”

In another clip, a crying Gazan woman blames the “Hamas dogs” for the death and destruction of the Palestinian population in Gaza and is immediately silenced by the men around her. “All this because of the Hamas dogs,” she said.

A man in Gaza says in Hebrew to an Israeli soldier, “Don’t leave (Gaza)!” He goes on to curse the Hamas leaders who live in relative comfort while the people of Gaza suffer. This is a side of Gaza that the media and Western officials will never show. We do!

“God bless you all and help you!” Palestinians in the Gaza Strip greet Israeli soldiers in Hebrew and thank them for their help. On the way they curse Hamas and UNRWA, who are responsible for hell. See how the soldiers take care of the poor and elderly and give them water.

Israeli soldiers help Palestinian refugees on the escape corridor to Rafah. The old women are exhausted and an Israeli Caterpillar D9 bulldozer, which usually only fights terrorists, has this time picked up the Palestinian grandmothers and driven them to the next station. The Palestinians thank the soldiers several times for their help. I have never seen such love for the enemy in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Photo: IDF

Meanwhile, the IDF Spokesperson posted: “The difference between us and Hamas-ISIS is seen in this image. Last week, during the fighting, Israeli forces saw a figure in the area and determined it was an elderly Palestinian woman who was handcuffed and seriously ill.

“While receiving medical treatment, the elderly woman told Israeli soldiers that all of her family members had fled to the south of the Gaza Strip and that Hamas terrorists in military uniforms came to her house, handcuffed her and ordered her to say, that Zionist soldiers did this to her.”

Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip. Palestinians take to the streets and protest against Hamas. “We want peace! Stop the war!” shout the Palestinians. It is rare, very rare, for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to protest against Hamas.

A (still) rare picture – demonstration against Hamas in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir Al-Balah. Palestinians are demanding that the hostages be released so that the war can end and they can finally return to their homes in the northern Gaza Strip.

While Hamas terrorists murder children, rape women and their only goal was to kill innocent people, Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip distribute water and protect Palestinian civilians who are used as human shields by Hamas. This video was one of the first to show Israel’s soldiers in the Gaza Strip as the Good Samaritan, around mid-November 2023. But if you don’t want to see that – it’s better to play blind. And unfortunately that is the vast majority around the world.

And I would recommend they adopt as their new theme song “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James:


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