Taking on the Leftist Israeli Art Establishment Courtesy Smadar Katz

Taking on the Leftist Israeli Art Establishment

“Today to be an artist you must also be a leftist. Those not identifying with the left usually keep their mouths shut.”

The collective resentment of Israeli artists toward Minister of Culture Miri Regev raises questions about “artistic activism,” and what it does to art itself. The purpose of the art magazine Erev Rav, for example, is to facilitate a multi-cultural, democratic, pluralistic discussion on culture. Simply put, Erev Rav is supports the notion of turning Israel into a democratic non-Jewish state. As I learned while conducting the following interview with Smadar Katz, the Israeli art scene is dominated by progressives who decide what kind of art to which Israelis will be exposed in the nation’s museums and other public venues. Katz…