MembersThe Lord’s Supper in the Passover

A summary of Messianic Jewish musings on the Lord’s Supper in its Jewish context by a small group of Messianic Jews during a year of discussions in Jerusalem

By David Lazarus | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS, Passover
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

The Lord’s Supper, which is rooted in the Passover, is a pledge to a never-ending meaningful relationship with God. In Jewish tradition we are not given an idea or principle to believe in but a call to commit to revealed truth. Our task is to examine our commitment to what God has revealed through His prophets and apostles.

The Exodus leading up to Sinai was a decisive moment in the history of Israel, initiating a new relationship between God and man. God got engaged to a people, and Israel accepted the new relationship. Each partner gave their word to honor the other. A pledge that goes on forever. It is given in a moment, but it does not vanish. It is a moment that determines the entire course of our lives.

Remember His covenant forever, the word He ordained for a thousand generations. (I Chron. 16:15)

The Passover meal is the continual reminder, proclamation and reenactment of the redemption and relationship between God and Israel, as the Lord’s Supper is of the deliverance and communion made possible for...

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