MembersThe Persecution of Christians in Muslim Countries

The West is playing with fire by opening the gates to Muslim immigration

The persecution of Christians and Christian converts in Muslim countries.

Muslim countries routinely harass citizens who convert to Christianity on the one hand, while at the same time trying to hide them from the public discourse. For instance, any change in religion will never be reflected on one’s national ID card, as revealing the true number of conversions to Christianity in any official capacity would lead to unrest.

In 2006, the Algerian government issued a repressive law prohibiting all non-Islamic religious practices in the absence of direct approval from the authorities. The law goes so far as to prohibit Christians and other non-Muslims to speak publicly about their faith for fear of influencing Muslims. Any Muslim accused of approaching Christians for the purpose of learning more about their faith or beliefs could face five years in prison and a hefty fine.

In countries of asylum, usually in the West, Christian converts (sometimes called “Muslim Background Believers”) find assistance and protection from abuse. In Muslim societies, they can find neither work nor housing. Most also lose all connection to their families.

The Christian converts usually...

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