Whiteness: A Blessing in Disguise

Progressive obsession with “Whiteness” gives Jews an opportunity to reassert their unique non-White ethnic identity

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Obsession with Whiteness is an opportunity for Jews
Photo: David Cohen/Flash90

The relatively new pseudo-academic studies of “Whiteness” create the havoc we see now in the US, where Whites, whoever they are, are perceived as the people responsible for any conceivable social injustice, which is now synonymous with racial injustice.

Whiteness has become so offensive in America, that the colonial company Coca-Cola came up with seminars teaching its workers how to “be less white.”

To give but one example of how far this racial degradation goes, racial justice activists are now decrying what they call “White veganism” imposing a certain kind of strict vegetarian diet all across the globe. According to non-White vegans, “White veganism” is the process of shifting “White” laws and regulations related to “unethical food production from meat to plants.” Furthermore, White veganism is said to be behind the environmental rights agenda, and in this capacity imposes “cultural colonialism” upon indigenous people like the Inuits, whose survival as a distinct community depends upon the consumption of seals, which are now protected by law. A strict vegetarian diet, therefore, is just another aspect of Whiteness protecting its supremacy.

Veganism is also a good platform for examining one of the offshoots of Whiteness studies, namely “intersectionality,” which reenforces the identity of people who fall in between the black/white categories. Intersectionality breaks down racial identity into subgroups, like black vegan women or brownish-blacks or homosexual Latinos, all of which deserve their own share of racial justice. The eventual outcome could be the creation of nations within a nation, something that can already be partially seen with the American Indians (First Nations), or the Nation of Islam that seeks to speak for all Black American Muslims.

Acknowledging the racial subgroups’ own sense of self-identity would mean establishing particular sets of considerations that allow them to get their fair share of power. So for example, with the assumption that the present system of vote counting was established to ensure White supremacy, non-White Americans are now suggesting cumulative voting, or one collective vote per candidate, as a way of making sure more non-White candidates get elected.

Though in and of itself Whiteness Studies is a racist concept through and through, it nevertheless raises legitimate issues regarding the overwhelming impact of Western cultures on non-Western peoples, tribes and nations. Whiteness Studies aims to break down the monopoly of what should really be referred to as Westernism. And it can be proved that this is a blessing in disguise for Israel, which today is seen as embodying every negative attribute of Whiteness, including colonialism, racism, privilege, and so on.

That Jews are ethnically non-White makes no difference to critical race theorists like Richard Delgado, who would have us believe that “races are products of social thought and relations … they correspond to no biological or genetic reality; rather, races are categories that society invents.” If that were the case, why are we speaking of Blacks and Whites to begin with, and why do we only find books about who “invented” the White race, but no such books about who invented the Black, Brown or Red races?

This is not meant to be a critique of critical race theory. As such suffice it to say that race–much like gender, that has today been detached from biology–is an artificial category serving an ideology, which for its own purposes allows the possibility of anyone becoming White, Jews included. To put it in perhaps more palatable terms, one can say that “becoming” White actually means becoming Westernized.

The current defamation of Whiteness, therefore, presents Israel with an opportunity that it should seize wisely. Deranged as critical race theory is, it gives Jews the moral justification to restore their unique identity as non-Whites who have been victimized by the White race far longer and far more harshly than any other race, African Americans included. As non-Whites, Jews can now claim without qualm that they are the indigenous people of the Holy Land, expelled from it by White colonialists that included Arabs, who are White by virtue of them colonizing the lands of other peoples, such as the Jews.

Whiteness studies can help all those Jews who have for more than a century allowed themselves to become white as snowflakes, to instead take pride in their unique race, which has its own religion, history, language and culture. A race now defined as a nation by the critical race theorists themselves.

To be sure, this is a crooked way of breaking away from a white legacy and becoming true to what Israel really is. Even so, those Jews who might need such an opportunity can hold to the principle which says that a mitzvah performed through the commission of a transgression is still a mitzvah, that will lead to another mitzvah, and another, and another.


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