“Christians, Go Home!” Shout Orthodox Jews at Temple Mount

Small group of religious Jewish protestors ask Christian tourists to take their “missionary activity” elsewhere.

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: CHRISTIANS
Orthodox Jews demonstrate against Christian "missionary activity" near the Temple Mount. Photo by Yoav Dodkevitch/TPS

Several dozen (some reports put the number at a couple hundred) Orthodox Jews demonstrated against “missionary activity” outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Sunday as a group of Christian tourists filed past.

The protest took place at the Davidson Center, an archaeological park adjacent to the Temple Mount where one can find the Southern Stairs of the Temple Mount, which would have served as the backdrop of many of Jesus’ recorded encounters at the holy site.

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Joining the protest was Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Aryeh King and several prominent local rabbis.

“This is a just protest against those who allowed Christian missionaries to hold a Christian worship and ceremony designed to prepare a missionary effort directed at Israeli residents, and against the missionaries,” said King in a statement. “As far as I’m concerned, let every missionary know they are not welcome in the Land of Israel.”

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Aryeh King (left) and Rabbi Zvi Thau arrive at the “anti-missionary” demonstration. Photo by Yoav Dodkevitch/TPS

The protest coincided with the conclusion of the 21-day “Isaiah 62” prayer and fast period that Christians around the world held for Israel.

Some religious Jewish groups were upset because the Isaiah 62 fast organizers defined it as a campaign “for the increase of God’s salvation promises and plans for Jerusalem and Israel.” They interpreted this to mean a “missionary” effort to “convert” Jews.

A large number of police were on hand to make sure the situation did not turn ugly. While there was some reported physical confrontation between the Christians and the demonstrators, most of the clashes occurred between the Orthodox Jews and police officers, who worked hard to keep them separated from the tourists.

One police officer in particular was the target of the protestors’ derision. As a fellow religious, kippa-wearing Jew, he was mercilessly shouted down as a “traitor.”

The religious police officer on the right was repeatedly told to “remove your kippa – you’re not a Jew.” Photo by Yoav Dodkevitch/TPS

Several of the demonstrators held signs in English explaining why they opposed Christians coming to the site for religious purposes. They read:

“We haven’t forgotten our temple that was destroyed by Rome nor the equitation [they meant Inquisition] in Spain and all the pogroms.

“We have not forgotten all the bloodshed nor the six million who were murdered in the Holocaust.

“Now we have returned to our country and pray in the remnant of the temple that will be built soon.

“Please respect the feelings of the Jewish people and do your Christian ceremonies in your churches and not here.”

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Orthodox Jewish protestors ask Christians to take their “missionary activity” elsewhere. Photo by Yoav Dodkevitch/TPS

While the sentiment is unfortunate given the tremendous progress in Jewish-Christian relations in recent decades, it is also understandable. Many Jews, especially those who grow up in religious communities that bore the brunt of historical Christian antisemitism, have a deeply-ingrained mistrust of Christians that will take much longer to heal.

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And, of course, the healing process is not helped by some Christian evangelists who preach that the Jews must either “convert,” or burn in hell.

To them that threat is meaningless. Thanks to the way Christianity portrayed Jesus and faith in him for so many centuries, many religious Jews continue to see it as an entirely foreign religion, not unlike Islam, or even Buddhism. To convert to something that is, in their eyes, completely disconnected from their peoplehood is unconscionable.

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8 responses to ““Christians, Go Home!” Shout Orthodox Jews at Temple Mount”

  1. Disciple 1978 says:

    We’re trying to go home, can you show us the way? We want to see Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. (John 12:20) We heard he became the Passover Lamb who redeemed us by bearing his outstretched arm at Calvary. (Exodus 6:6) John Baptist said he took away the sins of the world, including my sins. (Jn 1:29)
    Will you show us how your messiah fulfilled all your feasts?
    We’re sorry we rejected you all these years, we were given evil counsel. Now we know that even Christian leaders, priests and theologians can get it wrong; just look at the ecumenical movement and the gay marriage debate. We’ve humbled ourselves before the God of Israel. We’ve accepted the testimony of scripture. We have ascended to Jerusalem to worship the Lord. We will worship the Lord with you. Speak to our Jewish friends, they help us keep the Commandments, the feasts, and bless Israel.

  2. Richard Dunn says:

    These protestors are confusing Christianity with Catholicism. Hitler and all his cronies were catholics. The inquisition was perpetrated by catholics not only on Jews but Bible believing Christians as well.

    • David Shishkoff says:

      I just finished reading a book by a girl who grew up near Hitler’s mountain home, in a Catholic region. She saw it differently. She says the Nazi leadership was trying to gradually replace Catholicism.

  3. hdfuerst says:


    Obviously the Jews do not have enough faith or they would not reject the Christians who support Israel on the border issues. The evangelists seem to have a better belief in the prophecies about the borders of Israel as set out in Yeshekel than these Jews. Instead of greeting them, they want to send them home. Who better to believe in God’s word here?

    Offensichtlich haben die Juden nicht genug Glauben, sonst würden sie die Christen, die Israel in den Grenzfragen unterstützen, nicht ablehnen. Die Evangelisten glauben offensichtlich besser an die Prophezeiungen über die Grenzen Israels, wie in Jecheskel festgelegt, wie diese Juden. Statt sie zu begrüßen, wollen sie nachhause schicken. Wer glaubt hier besser an Gottes Wort?

  4. Susan says:

    A re-evaluation of how to witness needs to be done. It is the testimony of Yeshua that brings forth life. These religious Jews see a contradiction in what is being said and the increase in immorality in America.

    The Jew has the advantage because they were given the oracles of God. The WORD was there from the beginning and it was the WORD that became flesh.

    Too many Christians believe no one in the Hebrew Bible knew the Lord; but there were many obedient, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Who was on the Mount of Transfiguration with Yeshua? It wasn’t Gentiles? Who came out of the graves after Yeshua’s Resurrection? Holy ones of old.

    Instead of insisting on a change in them, let the change in our individual lives shine through. Then, just maybe, their eyes will see and tongues confess: blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

  5. Susan says:

    Yes. I believe that since Yeshua is the Word, perhaps greater faith was shown: They believed without the manifestation of the WORD becoming flesh. Yeshua, speaking to Thomas, says “Blessed are those who have not seen, but yet believed.”

  6. Redeeming Love says:

    The truth is the LORD our God, the LORD is One. Yeshua is the promised Messiah—the Christ according to Jewish historical record in the genealogy of Matthew. Christians are followers of the Messiah-the Christ. Christianity is a religion that points to YHVH Elohim’s promise to Abraham, and his Seed, which is fulfilled throughout Jewish history all the way to the Messiah. Christianity proclaims the Jewish Messiah has come; He is Yeshua Ha Mashiach. “There is salvation in no other, for there is no other name under heaven that was given by which men shall be saved.” The name is Yeshua – meaning YHVH is salvation. Therefore, I hope my Jewish brothers and sisters can understand—Christians worship the LORD God of heaven and earth—the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the Holy One of Israel who redeems all nations for His worship and glory. This is why Christians love to visit Israel—out of love for the God of Israel—their Savior. Shalom Aleichem!

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