Israeli Arabs rise up against the state. But why? Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israeli Arabs Spit in the Face of Their Own Country

The behavior of some local Arabs right now is reminiscent of those who supported the Nazi invasion in 1942


Truth be told I do not understand the Israelis. For years, Arab Knesset members the likes of Ahmed Tibi, Ayman Odeh and others, a number of Arab mayors, Arab activists and tens of thousands of Arabs and Israelis from the extreme-left, keep repeating the mantra that Israel is occupying lands and that they need to liberate Palestine.

As soon as tensions flared up everyone was in shock and suddenly frightened. But the writing was on the wall. I was not surprised.

Some Israeli Arabs want to liberate “Palestine.” And they are not only talking about it, but have begun “liberating” themselves from Israeli citizenship. The rioting in the Arab Israeli sector over the last few days is violent civil disobedience led by thousands of Arabs who do not want to live under the Israeli flag.

I say these things with deep sorrow in the face of what we are experiencing these days in the mixed Arab-Jewish cities. It is an uprising that reminds us of darker times. In large and...


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