Is this the start of a New Middle East? Avi Ohayan/GPO
Middle East

Out and About in the New Middle East

Israelis have always desired peace above all else. But now that it’s come by Bibi’s hand, some are unsatisfied


Sometimes our lives seem more full of fantasy than reality. And that’s good. This is the only way to achieve the goals that one has dreamed of for years. Israelis have long dreamed of peace with their Arab neighbors. For two millennia, the Jews dreamed of returning to their biblical homeland. Who would have believed that countries on the Persian Gulf would one day make peace with Israel, first the United Arab Emirates, then Bahrain?

It wasn’t long ago that the US moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and no longer considered the Jewish settlements in the biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria to be illegal. The Palestinians threatened Israel with a fresh outbreak of violence over these changes. The EU also accused Israel of acting irresponsibly and of damaging regional peace and stability.

But the exact opposite has happened. Arab countries are ready to make peace with Israel. Rumors fueled by US President Trump himself say that Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman and Morocco, in addition to others, are already lining up to be next. Even…