Teachings of Yeshua often used to insult political rivals in Israel. Kobi Richter/TPS

When a Good Christian is Bad for Israel

The teachings of Yeshua are often misunderstood and used in Israel to smear one’s political opponents

When author and renowned scientist Haim Barr called Israel’s National Religious Right “a cancerous breed,” religious political commentator Amit Segal hit back by calling anyone who reads Barr’s books “a good Christian who turns the other cheek.”  How is it that in the fast lane of hit-and-run Israeli politics, one the most effective ways of criticizing your opponent is to call him a “Christian”? Or even worse, “a good Christian”? Why do Israelis love to hate each other using the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus)? Yeshua’s idea to “turn the other cheek” is particularly offensive in Israel. It is taken to…