MembersArchaeology in Israel – Wonder and Warfare

Some call these discoveries God’s fingerprints. I see them as a divine sprinkling of verification that Israel is His

By Stan Goodenough | | Topics: Guiding God's Land
Israel is considering moving a major prison to provide access to the oldest known inscription referring to Jesus as 'God.' Photo: Yuli Schwartz/IAA

News of important archaeological discoveries in Israel is hardly rare. This land, a bridge connecting Europe and Asia in the north with Africa in the south, lies in the cradle of the earliest civilisation. Its relatively tiny territory is saturated with layer upon layer of human history.

Since way back in time, when it was known as the Land of Canaan, people have travelled through, and many have settled here, leaving evidence of their presence to be found when they no longer were. As every contractor knows, no sooner do the bulldozers begin work on a new building project than something ancient, and often invaluable – an aqueduct, human remains, ruined walls, treasure – is unearthed. (The work must then stop, until Israel’s Antiquities Authority assesses the find and grants permission for construction to go ahead – or not.)

From Dan to Beersheba, then, over the past 150 years or so, relics from the past have been painstakingly uncovered, first by Christian Biblical archaeologists like Conrad Schick (1822-1901), Charles Warren (1840-1927) and William Albright (1891-1971) and then, with intensifying fervour and in...

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