Beautiful Land of Israel

Surely the Land of Israel is right now in its full glory

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Independence Day
Photo: Anat Schneider

The Land of Israel is beautiful, the Land of Israel is blooming. Spring agrees with me as the days begin to stretch out long after the slow cold winter. After the long season of sitting at home and the many hours of darkness.

We are all restless and ready to go outside to breathe the fresh air and absorb its intoxicating scents. To take a walk, to climb, to sit on the ground and explore what new discoveries Spring has brought with it this year. What innovations we might discover or new and bold colors and aromas we have forgotten but suddenly find in the air reminding us of sweet and forgotten memories.

The need to absorb nature in all its glory is burning in my heart this year much more than usual. Perhaps this is one positive result of Corona and the long isolation at home, the factories closed, flights stopped, and cars silenced. How quickly nature knows to rehabilitate itself and with the cleaner air comes the most spectacular blooms and endless insects and animals that now spring up out of their hiding places and come right up to us. I thought it would be good to take a moment and reflect on Spring. 

Here is a selection of pictures from my latest walk near my house. Surely the Land of Israel is in its full glory, in all its beauty with the endless variety of colors and scents. O, Beautiful Land of Israel.


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