Israeli Tech Defending Buses in UK Against COVID-19

The advanced Israeli air purification tech was also recently installed in the royal palace in Spain

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Israeli tech protecting UK buses from COVID-19
Photo: Illustration - Nati Shohat/FLASH90

Israeli startup Aura Air has completed a project to protect 400 buses in the United Kingdom and Ireland from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) by using unique technology for air purification in enclosed spaces.

The system has been installed on tourist buses, which have been converted in recent months to transport essential workers to their workplaces safely so as not to endanger them by traveling on public transport.

The system monitors the air in the bus, including temperature, humidity, amounts of carbon dioxide, organic gases and more, and compares the data to the outside air.

In case of any deviation, including the danger of fire or gas intrusion into the bus, the driver receives an immediate alert. The purification unit performs a full replacement of all the air on the bus five times an hour.

A study conducted at Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv determined that the system has the ability to destroy various bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus, at a rate of 99.9%.

Aura Air has developed technology to detect air pollution and for air purification, including the destruction of COVID-19, based on sensors, special algorithms and air purification technology.

The company manufactures the system in Israel and its products are sold to corporate customers such as schools, train stations, offices and large entities in Israel, Europe, the US and the Far East.

The Zarzuela Palace, the residence and working offices of the reigning monarch of Spain, recently installed the technology.

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