Netanyahu Chastises Son Over Shameful Tweet

After leftists call his father a “dictator,” young Netanyahu wishes them coronavirus

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu wishes coronavirus on leftists who called his father a dictator.
Photo: Gili Yaari/Flash90

Earlier this week, left-wing Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv (careful to keep a distance of six feet from one another) to protest what they insist are the “dictatorial” aspirations of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The prime minister’s outspoken eldest son, Yair Netanyahu, responded on Twitter by suggesting that he hoped those involved would die of the coronavirus.

Yair Netanyahu tweet wishes coronavirus death to leftists.

“I hope all of the elderly that will die as a result of this demonstration will be from your [the left-wing] camp.”

The inflammatory post appears to have been subsequently removed, and Yair later tried to qualify the remark by explaining that the leftist demonstration was the type of mass gathering that could aid the spread of COVID-19, and he simply hoped that none of his father’s supporters would be affected.

Netanyahu was forced to issue a statement rebuking his son and distancing himself from such a sentiment.

The statement read:

“The Prime Minister rejects [Yair’s remarks] outright. There is no political affiliation in the fight against the coronavirus, and there must not be. The Prime Minister works around the clock to maintain the health and lives of all Israeli citizens, without exception.”

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