Trump: Israel ‘Owned’ US Congress, and Rightfully So

Former president’s wording is problematic, but speaks to phenomenon of tiny Israel playing an outsized role due to its divine mandate

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: America, Trump, AOC
Trump flipped the peace process on its head, and very much in Israel's favor. Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

It’s amazing how a tiny country on the other side of the planet plays such a major role in the politics of the world’s only true superpower. Would that still be the case if it weren’t for that tiny nation giving us the Bible, the bedrock of faith for billions? Or if God hadn’t declared that same nation to be the apple of His eye?

We’ve written before on the phenomenon of Israel as a primary plank in the electoral campaigns of both Republicans and Democrats. But to hear former US President Donald Trump speak of it last week, Israel’s influence goes far deeper than most realize. Or at least it did until recently.

In an interview with conservative talk show host Ari Hoffman, Trump asserted that until recently “Israel literally owned Congress.”

He didn’t mean that in a bad way, though The Donald’s unfortunate phrasing could fuel conspiracy theories that use similar wording to claim that the Jews control America.

As far as Trump’s concerned, Israel’s influence in Congress was justified.

“Israel had such power — and rightfully — over Congress,” he said without elaborating.

But you’ll notice that these remarks are all in the past tense. That’s because in Trump’s estimation the most radical change in Congress in recent years has been its shift away from Israel.

“Between AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and [Rep. Ilhan] Omar — these people hate Israel. They hate it with a passion — [and] they’re controlling Congress, and Israel is not a force in Congress anymore. I mean, it’s just amazing. I’ve never seen such a change,” the former president stressed. “It’s the biggest change I’ve seen in Congress… Israel was so powerful, and today it’s the complete opposite.”

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