MembersIsrael’s Multi-Front Battle: Fighting Coronavirus and Spies at Home

Israel has dealt with a number of high-profile espionage cases amid the Corona crisis

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Israeli Arabs, Coronavirus
Israel is battling both coronavirus and increased terrorism.
Photo: Flash90

While most of the world is currently engaged in combating the Coronavirus, Israel has remained fighting a multi-front battle: one against the virus and the other against terrorism.

Israel’s enemies are egregiously exploiting the instability produced by the pandemic by continuing their attempts to carry out attacks against the country. In the last week alone, the Gaza-based terrorist organization, Hamas, fired a barrage of rockets into southern Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah infiltrated the country’s airspace with a drone from the Golan Heights before it was intercepted by the IDF.


The “invisible” security challenges

Israel’s security challenges are much more complex than what appears on the surface. They extend far beyond the rocket and drone attacks that are often seen in the news media. It’s an integral part of the clandestine warfare that takes place under the radar on a daily basis, regardless of any global crisis that may be occurring. This invisible war comprises elements of cybersecurity and espionage. Although the details of this...

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