Messiah is Standing at the Gate

Window into spiritual climate in Israel longing for the return of the Messiah

By Anat Schneider | | Topics: Music, Messiah
Waiting at the gate for Messiah
Photo: Yossi Zeliger/Flash90

This song is part of an album dedicated entirely to the coming of Messiah and redemption.

This is fresh evidence of Israel waiting for the soon return of the Messiah, waiting for him “at the gate.” The coming of the Messiah is the greatest longing of the people of Israel. There is great faith that this will happen, and that when it happens redemption will come to the Jewish people and the whole world.

As you read the lyrics of this song you may notice references from the Hebrew scriptures and concepts that parallel the New Testament.

According to Jewish tradition, the gate mentioned refers to the Gate of Mercy located on the eastern wall of the Temple Mount facing the Mount of Olives. Today this gate is closed and sealed. Orthodox Jews believe that when the Messiah arrives the Gate of Mercy will open and the Messiah will enter through it into the city of Jerusalem and ascend to the Temple.

The people of Israel have been looking forward to that moment for many centuries, to happen “soon, in our day.”



Standing at the Gate

Words and lyrics by Amir Benayoun
(From the Hebrew original – English translation modified from

I’ve heard that you’re coming all the way back
I saw angels set a table for the son of a king
I saw a ladder with “yearnings” ascending and descending
I heard winds caressing the leaves
I saw you it’s no mirage

I heard the ocean declared a joyful day
I saw the moon and stars dancing
They too know how to roll back
I heard the sun is actually a shadow
I saw a tower shake and fall

Come, we’ve been waiting for you for too many years
We’ve gone crazy, we’ve lost face
Only getting more and more decayed, so come
Yes come, there are no more dishes left to break
We don’t know who here is sober
And who is the drunk, falling into a pit
So come, yes come

I heard you are actually standing at the gate
And that every innocent lamb could live in the wild, and I’ve heard
That this heart as well will never perish
Imagination will sign a peace treaty reality
And all the sounds will combine into one simple melody

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